Finding a Good Picc

That’s right, picc, not pic as in picture of yourself at your gig looking sharp 😉

I’ve played many piccolo trumpets over the years, A side, Bb side, and eventually settled on a Kanstul 920.  Also played were a Yamaha picc and a Schilke picc.  I’ve tricked out my picc by getting an osmun leadpipe (Bb side) and a Bob Reeves valve alignment.  Both were nice improvements.  Here’s a vid of me playing said picc:

Luckily I’m playing with some great musicians and we pulled that piece off quite well.  This is a fantastic picc piece from the Baroque era, composed by Bach, “Grosse Herr” from the Christmas oratorio.

Now for something completely different!  Here is one of my earlier forays into piccolo trumpet playing and I’m not ashamed to reveal it was with a drum and bugle corps.  In fact this show won the world championships in 2006…long time ago!  The piccolos begin about 1/4 through the video.

Pretty wild that we picked up those piccs from the sideline every day in the hot summer sun and played them, what a concept!

So how to find a good picc?  Well I’ll tell you when I figure that out!  Until then…try different mouthpieces lol!

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