When you walk down the street and see a very attractive, dressed up lady walking by, and as she passes the smell of her perfume is so sweet and attractive – do you breathe it in or do you stop your inhale and hold you breath for a moment knowing that the smells of fresh air and everyday life are sweet enough?

When you see a delicious looking juicy burger, meal or sweets advertised on a billboard or in a shop window do you run to the window and salivate over it while wondering if you have enough cash to splurge?  Or do you look away knowing that those adverts just mean to grab your attention and sell you something?

If you hear a lovely singing voice do you stop and think, “wow, that’s so amazing!  They are so talented I wish I could sing like that.”  Or do you appreciate it but know that your own voice is neither better nor worse same as the cat’s meow or cow’s moo.


I like to live a plain life.  I avoid movies that are too emotional, scents that are too alluring, food that is too decadent and women that are too beautiful.  The plain and simple truth of the hours passing in the day, the wind blowing by and the general careless persistence of life help to keep my space balanced.  Things that are extreme, even if they are dolled up as something desirable, only excite your system and throw you off balance. I would rather not experience any massive highs but keep things moving along at their standard pace.

I intend to listen to the silence between the sounds of the world no matter how many other sounds are coming at me.

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