Keep at it!

Don’t give up.  You’ve got to get honest about what you want or have wanted.  What isn’t working for you in your life?  What have you committed to that you still haven’t gotten, completed, or attended to?  Your integrity is on the line.  Life is what you choose it to be and yes it can be an amazing adventure where you go forth and manifest or get your dream things, trips, jobs, relationships, etc.  Just accept that you have to do it and get real at just how much commitment it will take.  Spend the money, take the trip, reach out and keep reaching.  The biggest thing that can hold you back is your negative mindset.  A set back is truly only a setback if you give up hope for the future.  Always believe in the future.  Things will get better and they are getting better every day!  Your next car will be better.   Your next job will be better.  Etc.  Your life is always improving and  there is no area that you can’t fix up and get what you’ve wanted.  Just put in a little elbow grease…or a lot!  Get it done and continue to follow your integrity.  Stick with it.  In the face of X not turning out how will you be?  What principles and values are guiding you and stick to those despite how outside factors affect you.  You can do it.


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